💵$OBAYC Pinksale fairlaunch

In this introduction, we are excited to announce and share with you all about the upcoming Ordinal BAYC Pinksale Fairlaunch event. This event will be a great opportunity for the project to raise funds in order to develop and grow the project into something amazing. The $OBAYC Pinksale Fairlaunch will be an opportunity for the community to come together and support the project while also having the chance to become early investors in the project. Pinksale FairLaunch is a decentralized platform that enables developers to launch their own cryptocurrency tokens and manage initial token distribution in a fair and transparent manner.

In a Pinksale Fairlaunch, there are no pre-sales or allocations made to a select few investors before the launch. Instead, the launch happens through a public presale, whereby anyone can purchase the designated amount of tokens at the same price. The sale does have a soft cap set but there is no hard cap which means anyone is free to contribute. No minimum or maximum contributions per wallet are set. The sale will run for 3 days.

This approach aims to prevent market manipulations and promote fairness since everyone has an equal chance to participate in the launch. Furthermore, Pinksale's platform includes checks such as proof of lock for liquidity and other crucial assessments to minimize risks related to DeFi launches.

Overall, Pinksale FairLaunch emphasizes transparency and fairness in the initial launch phase of any cryptocurrency project, making it a preferred choice for new tokens that seek to build trust with their investors and community. To ensure investors maximum safety, Audit and KYC is being conducted to make sure the token contract does not have any malicious functions and the owner of the project is known to Pinksale team.

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